About us 🇬🇧


ANCA CHAIR is a sponsorship organisation founded by AgroParisTech, its Foundation (Fondation AgroParisTech) and the Laboratory of Physiology of Nutrition and Eating Behaviour (AgroParisTech/INRAE). 

Since 2010, the activites of ANCA chair are focusing on means and triggers to improve the awareness and food behaviors of the population, by experimenting new pedagogical methods. 

It aims to raise widespread awareness about sustainable and healthy food. In collaboration with scientifics and creative experts, ANCA has developed several innovative and playful programmes to inform consumers about the food challenges faced  in the future and accompany them into the food transition.

It has thus developed an expertise in the development of digital programs to disseminate academic and empirical knowledge in the field of food and health to a wide audience.

6 digital programs (serious game, pedagogical platform, social media programs …) and more than 100 pedagogical videos have been developed.

Since 2021, ANCA aims to be a Think &Do Tank to promote healthy and sustainable diets and to empower young adults (Millennials, 18-35 y.o) towards sustainable behaviors.

To address these challenges, a framework based on a three-way interaction is set : 

1/To understand, 2/To act, 3/ To communicate

The generation of knowledge about food behaviors and communication strategies provides direction and an evidence base for developing innovative awareness solutions. 

Co-design with partners across business, policy and science amplifies messages, good practices  and knowledge to accelerate the food transition. ANCA has 3 partners : Fondation Louis Bonduelle, Groupe SEB and Ferrandi.